Why am I blogging?

Date: 04.10.2020

I bought the gauteweb.net domain 15 years ago. It wasn't my first blog though, and it wasn't my last either. Why am I blogging?

From the start, gauteweb.net was a blog where I wrote in English. Basically because I needed to work on my English. After a few years I was fed up, deleted all the content and started writing in Norwegian.

Today I'm mostly blogging in my native tounge, Norwegian, on the website gauteholmin.no, but I'm also occationally blogging about retrogaming at another website I own; retrospill.ninja.  

Now, I could say that I do this as a strategic plan to promote myself and  enhance my career, but it's not. It may have been at times in the past, but honestly, I do it because I love to write about stuff that I'm interessted in.

On gauteholmin.no I write about whatever comes to mind, mostly about tech, but also personal stuff, pictures of summer vacations and politics. Every blogpost is automatically shared on my Twitter-account, but I do curate what of this I share on LinkedIn.

I started retrospill.ninja because I felt I drowned my personal blog with retrogaming stuff. I now have another writer contributing there too, and that is great!

In the future I think I will continue to focus on gauteholmin.no as it's the blog that I've had most success with and the blog where I feel free to write about whatever comes to mind.