My mechanical keyboard

Date: 23.10.2020

I often get questions about my keyboard. What kind is it, did you build it, etc.

It's based on a Mission SG GGK 2.5 gaming keyboard from NetOnNet. That is a quite cheap mechanical keyboard with Outemu red switches: 

I loved typing on it, but hated how it looked. The keyboard I really wanted was the Varmilo VA88M keyboard. So I decided to try to build something similar.

So the first thing I did was to buy a complete set of nordic PBT keycaps from KBDfans with a DSA-profile. I also bought some silicone O-rings to quite the sound a bit. 

Then I wanted to remove the Mission SG branding so I stuck a Superman vs Batman sticker above the arrow-keys. I had to cut the sticker to make it fit.

Now I wanted to enhance the Superman vs Batman theme and I found some keycaps on eBay with their logos on, and a keycap with a mortar. So I bought those and replaced the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause keys (who uses those anyways these days?).

The keyboard was still kind off "grey", so I went on eBay again and found a set of colorful DSA-profile keycaps to replace almost all special-keys.

You'll notice that my "Enter" key look a bit odd. That's because the Mission SG keyboard doesn't follow the standard to where the switches are places for the Enter-key on nordic layouts, but it's OK. I don't notice it while typing and it makes the keyboard look a bit unique ;-)